Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sing in the sunshine

i keep seeing bloggy buddies post what is on their work table on wednesday's so i thought i would show you what is on my work table today *and everyday* lol

 yup that look on Q's face is telling me he is getting even for me locking him out of the craft room so i could make my  card that i posted this morning!!! lol

i decided to play along with today's challenge on 365 Cards 
day 168 is "Centered" everything needs to be centered on our card.
well i have done that but not to thrilled with the button centered so might just move it now that my post is up for the challenge! lol

also playing along with 

su cardstock, bg june bug dp and button
may arts twine, foam tape, sewing EAD Designs stickerz

Rainy Day


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooo cute cute cute!! I loveeeeeee your kitty!!! And I love love love love your card!! LOVING those colors!!!!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Well i think poor Q has a right to be angry with you, closing the door and keeping him out... he looks like he is definitely out for refuge. lol.. i would watch my back if i was you...
Love the card, there's that "little rebel" sneaking out to move it up.

~amy~ said...

Q's definitely king, eh?

Okay, love this card..all the delish yellow and wowza on the fussy cutting!

Laurel said...

Very pretty, love the yellow!

wendipooh13 said...

Q is looking good and like the boss!!! LOL... super cute card and centered looks great!!

jessica said...

LOVE this fun cheerful card!!! Aww Q is adorable...I want him too :)

Victoria said...

A fabulous centred card and a centred cat! He's the boss!

Barb said...

Q is awful handsome! My own Rosie likes to lay at my feet..she's afraid of the spastic stamper manning the chair! lol this is yet another fabulous card. i shouldn't go over to EAD. i'll want to buy everything!