Saturday, April 7, 2012

Look who I went to see....................

well i am home from our wonderful trip down to San Diego and have a few photos to show you all :)
on the way down we stopped to see none other then the super talented Gloria of Spellbinders, Graphic 45 (and others) fame. i don't think i will ever wash my boots that were blessed to grace her craft room floor in hopes some of her talent rubbed off ;)
she is just as, if not more so, sweet in real life as she is in cyber life :) 
and as she says: now we are not "invisible friends" any more! lol

*even hubby that is normally not a talker had a great time visiting with her and her hubby!! good thing as it took a long time to see her craft studio. and i just want to go on record as saying that Gloria has so much crafty goodies she could open her own shop!! seriously, i didn't even get to see it all!! will have to go back when i have time to "play" ;)

Crafty Queen & Biker Babe
yup hubby and i take the bike every chance we get :)

Bunny Ears!!! 

Strike a Pose

this was my hubby's first time to visit the San Diego Zoo!!!
( we both loved it!!)

on the way home we stopped at
 a "real" craft store so i could shop :)
and of course i had to ask Gloria where 
one was as that is her "hood" lol
hubby was so sweet and helpful, 
showed me things i missed! 
yup he loves to help me shop :)

i of course "dropped" Gloria's name while 
speaking with the sweet 
young lady that was helping me. 
and she said right away
"oh i know who Gloria is!"
didn't get me a discount but at 
least now i know 
i have meet a "true crafty celebrity" 
or someone that just shops 
a lot in that shop!! ;)

hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend :)


Gloria Stengel said...

Love the photos. Wish we had time to shop together and craft. Next visit!! It was amazing to meet you and Rick!

Pam said...

I'm so jealous - I would've loved to hang out with you both!! Great pics :)

Sherry Eckblad said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great trip.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So jealous!! I would love to meet Gloria... and I don't blame you... I wouldn't want to wash those boots either!!! Great photos from your vacay!!

ike said...

FABULOUS - how lucky to meet Gloria. It looks like you had fun and she seems such a lovely person - I wish I could meet her. :-)
Lovely zoo pikkies ..... what ARE you doing to that gorilla ???? Very suspicious !! LoL
Glad you had a great time xxxxxxxxx

Linda said...

How AWESOME you guys finally got to hook up for a visit!!! Looks like you had fun. 8-)

~amy~ said...

Now how fun is that?! I wish I could have joined you lovely ladies!!!!! Great pics! Hope you bought tons of goodies!!!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

How fun. Loved all your photos. Glad u had such a fun time...u didn't tell u what u brought at the craft store

Scrapaddict said...

I know you were overjoyed to me THE GLORIA! Looks like fun!