Monday, February 20, 2012

Plan "B"

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*grab some coffee as this is going to be a long post!* 

I have been seeing a ton of  canvas projects 
so I thought I would "stretch" my creativity and give it a try.

 I decided to make something for my craft room wall

Have Fun and Craft On

size: 20 x 11
color: burgundy

*note to self, 
find out what size canvas is sold in before ordering*
this was a total learning process, 
but i love the end result :)

the canvas is not sold in "just" the size i wanted so
I had to work out a "Plan B".

I found this unprimed wooden cradle board
flipped it over to use the back side as it has a 1" depth.
 here is a peak at our kitchen cupboards we refinished over thanksgiving :) 
next to be done is the floor!!
my "helper" approved!! lol

i stained it with red mahogany
cut a piece of gold matboard 

picked up some silk flowers:
the sweet young lady at HL helped me pick the right colors.
didn't have the heart to tell her i would be ripping 
them apart to make it work for my project!
she thought i should use them just as they were on my frame! lol

* note to self: remember why you don't play with flowers...
took 2 hours to get these to look just right! 
i was having a "Mrs Monk" moment as my hubby says.  
in other words: my OCD was in high gear! lol

this was one bugger to photograph!!! 
sorry, this is the best I could get as the gold background 
makes quite a glare when photographed.

but you get the idea :)

I cut out the Tim Holtz bird cage form chipboard, inked it up. 
covered the bird with some of the left over fabric
from the valence i made for my craft room window,here I
used modge podge to stick the fabric on so it would not fray.
added some pearls then used my hot glue gun
 to attach it all to the frame. 

I wanted to keep it clean and simple :)
you may have noticed I left the crown off,
well that is going to be used for my next project :) 

OK thanks for sticking with me for this long post. 
so unlike me, eh? lol



jessica said...

OMG I so LOVE this!!! Awesome project and I am sure it looks amazing in your craft room!!
Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday!!
~Jess~ :)

Maria Matter said...

Wowza, Rose, this is gorgeous!! I really, really like this...will look great on the wall!
hugs & blessings

Scrapaddict said...

When will mine be done? I'll pay postage,,,, just saying!

I love how it turned out and how you went "out of the box" to get it done, great work!

Sue D said...

Fabulous!! Love the birdcage and the flowers.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

WOW.. Rose this is BEAUTIFUL.. I love your cupboards - mine need to be re-done.

Emily said...

This turned out so cute.. I just love your little helper:)

~amy~ said...

Check you out...this is FABulous!!!!! Love the peek into your kitchen too:) Can't wait to see your crown project!

Mrs Monk, what is the finished size of your project? Awesome piece to house in your craft room!

Rebecca W said...

Awesome project!

Jay Gee said...

This will look fabulous on your wall :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!! Mrs. Monk!! That cracks me up... I think that's why everyone knew I didn't like that show... cause I was too much like him and didn't like looking in the mirror! lol! I loveeeeeeee what you made!! It is AMAZING!!! Just GORGEOUS!

mandalj said...

What a great reminder when you're getting a little OCD-y! That 2 hours+ looks well worth it - it's a lovely hanging.

Melissa said...

Super cute! Love this idea!


liz at liz's paper loft said...

this is sooo pretty! I love your little helper too!

Sherry Eckblad said...

Oh Rose this looks absolutely fabulous. Love how you used the back inside of the canvas to house your wording and the addition of that TH birdcage and flowers are just perfect.

Who is Mrs. Monk?

Amy said...

Wowzers!!! How awesome is this!! Gorgeous sign, it must loom beautiful in your room!

missstamper said...

Great project!

missstamper (at)

Shellye said...

This will be a gorgeous addition to your craft unique! Love it!

lauren bergold said...

oooooooooooooooooooh! now ♥THAT♥ is quite amazingly awesome! i have been DYING of curiousity, b/c i knew it had to be (both literally & metaphorically) BIG and this baby does NOT disappoint! what a great inspiration for your lovely new "woman cave"!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Gloria Stengel said...

This is great! Where you channeling your inner Gloria?! Love those flowers and the birdcage!