Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Passing on some info......................

My blogging buddy Amy over on Tsuruta Designs and Flashback Friday Challenges
has posted a wonderful bit about the new double word verification blogger has started. i know they did this just to mess with my OLD eyes!!! lol

anyway she wrote it so well i am just going to pass on a bit of it here and ask you to visit either HERE or HERE to read the rest and BEG you all to turn word verification OFF and comment moderation ON instead. 

honestly i am thinking of not driving myself NUTS with the word verification when needed to leave a comment, and that would be a sad thing as i LOVE to visit you all and leave some LOVE. but that is the point i am almost at. i am SURE i am not alone in feeling this way.

OK off my soap box and on to what Amy has to say: 

So here's the deal...
  • Do you know that you have word verification ON?
  • Why not switch to Comment Moderation
  • Check HERE on how to Turn OFF word verification.  {{big shout out to the FAB ladies of Freshly Made Sketches for their post about word verification!!!}}
 I could seriously go on and on about this but for the peeps that do NOT use Word Verification High Fives !  Not a fan of the new double word verification?  Squak about it...maybe with paper crafters uniting on this, Blogger will do something about it...

now that is just a bit of her post (didn't want to lift the entire thing! lol) 
PLEASE stop by her blog HERE or HERE and read the rest.

then post on your blog about this to spread the news.  :)


Audrey Frelx said...

I hate it too -- turned it off!

~amy~ said...


Thanks for helping to spread the word my friend:)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Rounds of applause!!!! For you and Amy!!! And Brookie is standing behind me and says your kitties are ADORABLE!!!

Sherry Eckblad said...

I have a tendency not to leave comments now when word verification is on.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

this is what is showing up on the google reader... way way down at the bottom of day 1, the one right before day 2 starts.. ya i think you might done it again.. do you remember what you did to fix it???