Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flashback Friday 17.0

Flashback Friday 17.0  already??? wow time has flown by fast!!
We are to re post our first "banner" card or project. 

Didn't have to go back to far for this one ;) 
HERE is the original post

8 Aug 2010 was my first banner and I have to thank 
Amy T for telling me where to pick up the banner punch. 

 I need to get it out and use it more! lol
Now that my mom has decided to move back to Nevada (for now!) 
I am turning her bedroom into my *woman cave* aka: craft haven, 
so hope to get back into making cards like before soon!! :) 

 OK off to start working on my *woman cave* with hubby 
who is waiting patiently for me to tell him where to hang items
and move heavy things to. He is such a blessing to me!!!


~amy~ said...

Woooooo hoooooooo your oh-so-cute banner card:) um yeah, I need to use my banner punch too:). Yahoooo on the woman cave:) I can't wait to see pictures!! Thanks for playing with us at Flashback Friday!!!! Have a super weekend...I'm freezing...doing another garage sale this morning:)

Sylvia said...

Such a fun Banner card, Rose! Love your happy card. So glad you joined in on all the fun at Flashback Friday 17.0

Scrapaddict said...

Still love this card! Sad Mom is leaving you but happy to have you back!

~amy~ said...

Hey Hey...thanks for linking up! I've featured you today on the FBF blog!