Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Altered Photo Album

I don't alter items very often but after seeing THIS on Lauren's blog 
I thought I would like to make something that would hold all my blogging buddies info. 
I took a photo album and turned it into an address / info book. 

This is what I started with: 

This is what I turned it into :

Here is a page for info: 

I was determined to use items I already have, so the only item I had to buy was the photo album and that was a $ store item :)  
I kept digging around and finding items that I could use, some of which I forgot I had, and I even reused the beautiful bloom from another card that I had made. 

I will type in all the info before printing for the book. Left these blank so as not to share others info.

Thanks Lauren for the inspiration and all the tips you sent me *smile*


~amy~ said...

WOW!!!!!!! Now that is one fabulous altered album!!! Super Work Rose!

sherryann (aka Sherry Eckblad) said...

I agree with Amy that is one fabulous altered album.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Well I have to agree this is really a "WOW" album. You have outdone yourself on this Rose. Simply beautiful. hugs

lauren bergold said...

as much as i would like to take even a teeeeeeeeny bit of credit for this MAGNIFICENT and practical bit of awesomeness...nope...can't do it! this all you, babe! and it's completely ♥FABULOUS♥!!! wow! i love it! (& you totally get BONUS points for the "before & after"...b/c the book as it began life... well lemme just say it's a service to pure aesthetics that you've built your creation on top of something that really realllllllly NEEDED to be altered!!!) well done, missus! ♥♥♥

Gloria Stengel said...

Ok, now make me one, AND fill it in with all our bloggie buddy info.... hee hee

This is wonderful. You really did a fantastic job! And all vintage and stuff. Hooorah!

Linda said...

WOWZER girlie that is a stunning transformation!! It is fun to just go digging in you stash to find some treasures. 8-)

Scrapaddict said...

What a wonderful idea! I will have to do something like this.