Friday, December 3, 2010

Simple Doodles: Photo inspired challenge

Well today begins a new challenge on Simple Doodles. 
This challenge will run from Dec 3rd to Dec 16th

I do not have a card for you today as the flu and cold bug has hit hubby and I this week, hard!
Thankfully my mom has not gotten sick as she doesn't need any more breathing problems. 

So I will just show you the photo that is to inspire your item. Remember you can make a card, layout, project or whatever you like. We LOVE to see all of your creations. 

Beautiful, eh? Hope you all play along with us on Simple Doodles


Cat Spicer a.k.a. Spicey Cat Chick said...

Sorry to hear the bugs in your house too. My hubby was hit last week and so far I've escaped it. Will keep your house's health in my prayers to try and keep mom well.

AWESOME inspiration photo, I hope I can play in the challenge.

Gloria Stengel said...

Hey, how did you get a photo of my living room?! snort giggle

So sorry you guys are ill. My dd has whatever that nasty stuff is, and I'm taking handsful of vitamins to keep from getting it! So far I'm doing ok...just a touch of it. I hope you are well and crafting soon! Hugs.

Scrapaddict said...

So sorry to hear you and DH are not feeling well. Drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am sorry to hear you and hubby are sick.. I pray your mom doesn't get it. hugs

li-bee-ti said...

My dear, I'm so sorry to see that you're both ill.
I hope you'll get better soon!!!!

Linby said...

Feel better soon both of you.

Maria Matter said...

oh no, I'm so sorry to hear you & hubby are not well! Sending healing prayers your way, take care Rose!
hugs & blessings!