Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Truth and Lies Reviled

Time to revile the Truth and the Lies :)

A few posts back I posted an award that Linby blessed me with and now I will tell you what the ONE truth was :)

1. I love to swim and can't get enough of water sports.

FALSE: I am scarred to death of water and let me tell you it made it very hard to be baptized.

2. My honeymoon trip was across the US and back across Canada, on a motorcycle.

TRUE: it was the BEST and we spent 4 weeks just driving and stopping to see whatever we felt like as we had no set plans. Can't wait to do it again when hubby retires :) I would move to Canada if they didn't have that yukky cold white stuff I am allergic to! *snow*

3. I hate cats!!

FALSE: I knew this one wouldn't fool anyone that knows me! And no Amy the kids can't read LOL

4. I graduated with honors at the age of 13.

FALSE: I dropped out at 15 and got my GED in 2008

5. I am very disorganized and messy.

FALSE: I am so organized and neat it drives my buddy Shelly nuts!!! I can tell you where everything in my house is, so that helps my hubby when he is looking for something! :) oh and he is also neat and organized, we are so much alike :)
And my craft table is cleaned after EVERY card! LOL

6. It only takes me 15 mins to make a card.

FALSE: I wish!!! I never spend under an hour making a card. Good grief I just don't see how it can be done !! LOL

7. I am an only child.

FALSE: Again I wish!! lol
I am one of 13 :) and no not all from the same mom and dad!!
here is the break down:

mom & dad: 4 (i am the baby)
dad & second wife: 4 together and she already had 4 when they married
mom & second husband: adopted 1

so see that makes 13 total :)

Thanks Linby for passing on such a FUN award to me it was a blast!!! :)


Linby said...

Glad you enjoyed it Rose.

~amy~ said...

What? You're a neat freak? You clean up after every card? I wish I was a more organized crafty peep...I wanna see pics of your crafty you organize it...woot woot for getting your GED Rose..that's super!!

Elise said...

These are so fun, Rose! I feel that {after the FACT!} the I can brag that I had a good hunch on most of these! Except for the CAT one - that was just silly! You're even more of a delight, 'cause now I know you better!!!

{Hope your teeth are feeling better!}

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Well I knew the cat one was false. lol

Scrapaddict said...

are you on meds for the ocd? Just kidding ~~~ luv ya babe!

Jenny said...

LOL im the same way about my house, everything is organized but only I am but at least that keeps us all in check! :) LOL

Gloria Stengel said...

I knew in advance you were a fibber...and you cheat at challenges...just like your newly adopted sister from So. Cal.... hee hee.