Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is for you Amy : )

Well Amy asked to see my crafty area and how could I not give into such a super sweet lady? : ) The photos are not the best but you get the general idea Amy.

And YES it is always this clean!! It is a sickness I tell you LOL

The first owners of our house added on a 15' x 30' room and it is where I have my craft area and Rick has his engraving machines. Both of our desks and computers are also in here so we can be together while doing our own hobby. And there is plenty of room for the kids to be with us of course :)

My desk with computer is to the left so I can roll in my chair from the computer to my craft table! It has closets along one wall and I keep my paper on bookshelves in there. Paper is sorted by size and brand, the 4 boxes on the top left hold my cards by size (Small, Medium, Large) and one holds cards for holidays.

I love my large craft table :) I like to have see threw containers rather than having to read labels lazy eh? My Cricut sits on its own table to the left of the large drawer rolling thingy that holds all my wood mounted stamps , inks and embossing powders, my clear and unmounted stamps are in binders on clear plastic sheets. I used staz on to stamp them on to the plastic and they stick great to the opposite side and the "types" are split up with basic dividers so I can just flip threw to the "flowers" "animals" etc, section for the stamps I am looking for. I only keep my Stamps and Smiles stamps together, all other ones are split apart. I am in the process of re-arranging and adding more to them so won't show you that mess right now :)

Rick made me these awesome punch holders :) one day I will get to an Ikea store and pick up the thin black rods, but the closest one is 3 hrs north so these regular curtain rods are working just fine for now.
He said he is soon going to need to make another one as I am out of room, silly man doesn't he know I will shop till that one is full also?? LOL

OK these hang up to the left of my paper and they are just something I made so I know what I have..... when I go shopping I take the one with all my punches in it so I don't buy something I already have. The other one is all the SU! card stock I have and it is in the same order as I have the paper stored in the holder. I found it easier to do this and find what color I need then to 'flip' threw the paper holder.

Hubby thinks I don't "need" any more supplies.................. I beg to differ with him!! LOL

So now you all know just how organized or should I say... NUTS I am !!! : )


Sandy from Ukiah said...

You are definitely very organized, you can come to my house any time to help me get organized..

Trish Hughes said...

what great ideas!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!

Scrapaddict said...

Can I borrow Rick for the weekend? I need those racks for all my punches. Very nice!

Leah said...

Great space Rose:) I too am super organized and clean up after every single thing i do, can't stand to be in mess, plus I don't have much room to be messy anyway LOL

Linda said...

Your crafting space is very organized and looks so functional. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
I use several of the same ideas in my craft room. I know where everything is too but it gets a bit messy from time to time. LOL

Ladybug said...

Love how organized you are. Wish some of that would "rub off" on me! :-)

annieambriel said...

Rose... love your workspace. I love that ingenious ideas behind it.. puncher hanger.. love the way you have organised stuff :) I spend half my time looking for things lol. Thanks for sharing your lil crafty world :D

~amy~ said...'re nuts:) I love seeing your space Rose...everything IS organized...when are you going to come over to organize my place?

Thanks sooooooo much for sharin' sista!!!!

Sherry (aka sherryann) said...

You have an amazing craft space and so organized. Can you come over and get me organized. I would love your little punch holders. Mine are in drawers for now which is probably why I don't use them as much as I should.

Gloria Stengel said...

Ok those punch holder thingies are rockin' it! I wish I had the wall space to have those! So cool. Mine are all jumbled in some totes...and hard to dig thru. One day these kids will move out and I will have 3 bedrooms for my crafty stuff. hee hee

Linby said...

Fab workspace Rose. Love all those punches.

li-bee-ti said...

Oh, boy, arn't you organized (i.e. nuts... LOL)!
I'm not sure I'm going to invite you to my place... (wink)
Thanks for sharing your ideas!