Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blessed with an Award :)

The lovely Linby has blessed me with this award :)
This is one I have not seen before and it has one super FUN rule to follow.

I have to come up with either 6 truths about me and one lie or vice versa,
I will leave you to decide which I chose!

1. I love to swim and can't get enough of water sports.
2. My honeymoon trip was across the US and back across Canada, on a motorcycle.
3. I hate cats!!
4. I graduated with honors at the age of 13.
5. I am very disorganized and messy.
6. It only takes me 15 mins to make a card.
7. I am an only child.

So do I have 6 truths and 1 lie or 1 truth and 6 lies??? LOL

Now the hard part.... passing this on to others!
I can't wait to see what they come up with LOL

Amy from Tsuruta Designs
Gloria from Scraps of Life
Janice from Scrappin to Stay Sain
Sandy from Sandy from Ukiah
Elise from Mamacow Creations


Scrapaddict said...

Thanks for the award! I hope you are feeling better. I already know there are 6 truths and one big fat lie!

Gloria Stengel said...

I spot one big fat lie, and at least one that's a I am unsure if you are a big fibber or if you are just fibbing about the one thing....hmmmm.... I keep thining you have maybe you are a 6x fibber?

Sandy from Ukiah said...

How sweet of you to think of me... and sure you HATE cats. lol

li-bee-ti said...

Okay, that's an easy one.. LOL
One huge lie, another lie, at least one truth...
I'm for 6 lies and 1 truth....

I do hope you're feeling better!

Linby said...

ooh I knew you would come up with some goodies.

~amy~ said...

thanks for thinking of me sista:)

Hmmm...I hope your furbabies don't know how to read:)

TesaB said...

LOL! You are such a liar... Can't believe you actually wrote that about cats... Scheeez!!! LOL!

Elise said...

I'm so honored to be on this distinguished list! hee hee What fun! {I know for sure about the CATS, obviously! *Meow!*}