Saturday, December 12, 2009

365 Cards Day 287

365 Cards Day 287: Stampin' Saturday

Here's what Pam says:

Well, you probably figured out from the title of this post, that there's stamping involved :)
In this case, it's ALL about stamping.
Here are the details:
Every aspect of the card must be stamped - no patterned paper (although you don't have to create a fancy stamped background), and you must have a stamped sentiment. No other embellishments unless you stamp those, too - like a DIY sort of thing.
The point of this challenge? You just might find that you rely on patterned paper and embellishments to finish of your
card (I know I do).
So this answers the question: What if all you could do is stamp?

And this is my answer Pam: I wouldn't make a card!!! LOL this was an all day'er as we have had no sun for the past two days and that makes me very depressed!!
**and yes my card shows it and is now in the recycle pile !!**
Take away my patterned paper and I am L O S T !!!
Not sure if we could use punches so I did *wink*


Linda said...

Very awesome card, Rose!!! Love the that a stamp??? That tree stamp is very beautful!! 8)

Gloria Stengel said...

What company is that tree stamp?! I want that! I looooove it! I like all the browns. It's like chocolate....says the woman on week 6 of her new diet plan. LOL

Jessica said...

Hi Rose I think it's great and agree with Gloria, I love browns mmm... chocolate cake. xx

Tammy said...

Oooo! I love it Rose! Love that tree too! Really like how the swirls in the border compliment the swirls in the branches! Well done!!!

MicheleV said...

That's a great card! Love the tree stamp!
Hey congrats on winning the month @ 365!!!!Sending you sunshine...(not from here but it has to be sunny somewhere!) lol

Scrapaddict said...

Congrats on winning the prize at 365! This is a great card, I too love the tree!

~~Audrey~~ said...

Congrats on winning! Well deserved since you're on the ball with the cards! Lovely card and luv the stamps that you used!

shelly said...

ok i think you cheated on this one using a punch so you need to be disqualified..geesh youre such a rule breaker girl! i do love that tree though :) i also really like that punch and tree used together..

KimS said...

Well....I think this is a great card, Rose!...No matter what you say:)

Maria Matter said...

wow, this is a gorgeous tree image and your borders are wonderful!

Have a wonderful day!
Blessings, Maria