Friday, August 28, 2009

365 Cards Day 181: "White Space"

"White Space" Pam gave us this challenge: Keep all decorations (paper, embellies, sentiments) within the blacked out areas of the card
She has the strangest idea that we have been having "easy" challenges this week! So now has given us a "hard" one today.
Well I want to thank her as this one the easiest challenges so far this week!!! Also it gave me a chance to use some items in the June card kit from her shop HERE. OK I must confess I had to force myself to dive into it as I just wanted to keep it as it came!! Does one ever get over the urge to keep papers and embellishments just to look at? DH thinks I am nuts (boy he sure knows me!!)LOL

I even did the inside!! Wait that is a challenge I need to make up, darn I can't use the same card for more than one challenge. Rules!! :-)

the only item that did not come in the card kit are the buttons. even the stamps were in the kit!!


Celeste said...

I love your card and I even know how it feels to want to "keep" the papers. I have a piece left that I know I can't replace and I am trying very hard not to use it. LOL

Deb said...

Really nice card Rose. I love the papers you chose to use.

Judy said...

Nice card, I like the colors too!

Bohemian Gypsy said...

You know me and keeping stuff Rose I have that problem all the time but lately I have been using stuff that I have been buying and I am loving it. I think once you get over the initial "Oh my I must keep that for special" feeling then you just go for it lol
I do still however have a lot of keeping for special papers stored. . . sad I know lol. I love your card today Rose even though you had to use your kit and stamps and all came in the kit. . . bargain!! If I wasn't in Australia I would buy the kit myself.

Sherry said...

Rose, I know exactly what you mean about just looking at the paper and not using it. My friends say I am a paper whore.
Love your card today.

Patti J. said...

It seems we all have the same 'problem'! Lol!!! Rose, your card is great - I love the papers that you decided to use! This really ended up being a nice challenge! (unlike Saturdays that was just posted - egads!!!)

KimS said...

Great card!!! Yep...I know what you mean about not wanting to use your paper and just look at it! That's why sometimes I copy the paper on my printer and keep the piece for me :)

Pam said...

What!? This was easy - darn, I must be slipping on doing my job - lol!!

Actually, easy or hard, you did a beautiful job with this card, Rose, as always :)