Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 more awards :)

Well I am being blessed big time this week as I have just received 2 more fab awards!! :-)
this one is from the ever so talented and super sweet Wanda. Hop on over and see all the awesome layouts she is making with her new cricut carts :) they almost make me wish i had school age children so i could use them!

the rules are: list 5 things that i like and pass it on to 5 others.

1. looking at EVERYTHING in J's or M's!
2. touching EVERYTHING in J's or M's!
3. LONG rides with my hubby on the motorcycle
4. sleeping in on Saturdays :)
5. playing cards and eating with friends

this one is from a fellow cricut board member and boy can she make some fantastic cards!! be sure to hop over and give Carolyn some love :) ** i hope to get back into the MB challenges after summer**

Rules for awards:

1. Insert blog award logo.

2. Thank and post a link to blogger who sent you award.

3. Assign at least 7 blogger awards.

4. Add links to those blogs.

5. Send comments nominating them of the award.

OK here is the HARD part!!

Wanda :you only get the Bambi one as you gave me the other one!! LOL

Sandy : know you have the first already!

Kim : she has just started her blog so please go show her some love!

Chrissy : she got me hooked on 365 Card challenge and i thank her for it :)

Glenna : she picks on me for NO REASON! but i still enjoy her! ROFL

OK that's all for now thanks for stopping by and checking out these talented ladies blogs :)


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Yes, this is a cute one... thank you for thinking of me..

Chrissy C said...

SO sweet to think of me girlfriend! I will get it posted later today!

KimS said...

Thank you Rose!!!!! And thanks for the plug on your blog!!!! You're the best!!!

magicwanda said...

Oh Rose thank you so much
hope you know you have a special place in my heart it's called
Hugs Wanda