Wednesday, June 10, 2009

365 Cards Day 102

Today's challenge on 365 Cards is "Challenge Combo"
What does that mean??

Well, by now we've had so many challenges, and lots of new participants, Pam thought it would be fun to go back and revisit some old favorites. So here's the challenge:

Combine three 365 challenges - one from March, one from April, and one from May. The challenges you combine are up to you, as long as there is one from each month.
The challenges I have used are:
March Day 30: Dont Bug Me I'm Scrapping- the ladybug is tiny but it is on the card!
April Day 61: Leaf it up to me- 3 tiny leaves!
May Day 91: Front & Center- everything is kept in the center!
**Also I have used ALL scraps so does that count for extra points as I think I remember a challenge calling for ALL scraps to be used? What do you think Pam? LOL


Bohemian Gypsy said...

Personally Rose I think you and I are too much alike hehehe. I, too chose days 61 and 91. Great card Rose we did good on this challenge lol.

Sherry said...

Great job on today's challenge Rose and you know it only called for 3 challenges to be used so I am sure Pam won't let you count that 4th one. You have been hanging around Michelle too much lately.

Gloria Stengel said...

Nice job and super cute. We are not sisters it seems, since I used 19, 53, 71, 83 for my challenges. But, I picked my stamp first and found challenges to match. So, drat, I cheated afterall. LOL

Deb said...

Nice card - I love the ladybug on the card.

NWFlamingo said...

Looks like those "overachievers" in the group like us who use more than three challenges won't be getting extra credit. That's life!

Chrissy C said...

To cute! I love that little ladybug!

I left you a present on my blog!

~amy~ said...

this is super the little ladybug!

Bohemian Gypsy said...

Hehehehe I told you Rose that we are too much alike lol even Sherry thinks so *huge grin*

Made by Mandy said...

lovely card and it has the cutest little ladybird ever :)

kristie sessions said...

Oh yeah, you pulled of 4 challenges on one card! I love that cute little image and the sweet ladybug just makes it SO fuN! Lovely job!

willow said...

I think its good to combine extra challenges, at least thats what I am going to tell myself when they see mine, I saw you ask about extra credits and pam said if we managed to use more than 10 so I set too ans used 12 just for fun